Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

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It seems that a lot of candidates see the Board of Education as a stepping stone to the Board of Supervisors and beyond. Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with that.  We need experienced representatives at the higher levels of government and serving on a lower board or committee is a great way to gain that experience. The Board of Education, however, is a little bit different. It’s actually a lot more important than most people think it is.

The Board’s role in overseeing the school district is a crucial one; one that carries a lot of responsibility. Educating our youth is one of the most important jobs we, as a society, undertake. That’s why our teachers have to have not only a college degree but also a credential and experience in the classroom working with a master teacher before they can take on the responsibility of a class of their own.

Likewise, the Board of Education is not just another committee but instead represents a significant duty to both current and future citizens.

My personal interest in the Board of Education stems primarily from my interest in and sense of obligation towards public education. I have no grand aspirations towards the Board of Education or Mayor’s office, let alone Sacramento or Washington.  If someone came along and said “here are the keys to the White House, please fix the country,” I might consider it — wouldn’t we all? — but in the real world, I want to do my part to give the children of San Francisco the best education and greatest opportunity possible.

As a member of the Board of Education, the only future that will concern me will be that of our students, not my own political future.

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